Orange is My Favorite Color…

I have loved the color orange since forever. I just happen to think it is a perfect color and adds pizzazz to anything! First of all, I am a total scaredy-cat and I know Halloween is often associated with it. I hate horror and the horror genre mostly in general but Halloween is awesome because it is a creative and festive holiday. Ultimately, I have to mention that that being that case, I still have a profound love for orange. I just don’t like how now orange is being associate with Donald Trump, because Donald Trump is a horrible person that I do not like.

Anyway, I love the fruit. Orange is radiating and energetic. Something about it is just so vibrant and happy! I like it in all ways and in all its stones and shades–like, for example, coral and rust. The one challenge posed to me that I often contemplate how to wear it. I really want to successfully get the look down!

I have multiple orange accessories, like bracelets, sunglasses, then even shoes. I have a pair of orange Toms and a pair of orange Vans. I do have a denim orange jacket (even though it is funny to talk about jackets in such hot weather; it is spring in California and it is a high of 90 degrees today!) I have bright orange t-shirts and a red orange t-shirt from River Island. I have coral swim trunks and coral shorts from H&M both. I have more rustic orange like my orange chinos from Topman, and one other orange pant that I not rustic or too bright, from H&M. Don’t forget my neon orange pair of jeans!

I want to successfully nail the orange look! I know I can try it and do that in various ways! I imagine I would balance it and consider my skin tone. I believe I could put it with more neutral colors, like navy or then, like I read, use grey with it. I will have to wait a while to wear my hefty orange jacket, so it will be some time, but I will make a impeccable and grand debut with it! Trust me!

Orange denim jacket.jpg

Orange denim jacket I bought from, the brand is Reclaimed Vintage.

orange topman pants

Orange chinos I bought from Topman.

My Love for Denim…

Since I have a profound love for denim, I have a considerable amount of denim in blue colors and washes, orange and rust, and white and black. My most coveted pieces are my rust-orange denim jacket that I bought off of; the brand is Reclaimed Vintage, my black studded denim jacket from Zara, my distressed denim jacket from Armani exchange, my white jeans with zips from Zara, and my D-Grundy pants from Diesel. I especially enjoy shopping for minimalistic pieces that have edgy details, like studs or zips or distressing. I also have many jeans in biker details, destroyed, or even with holes, like my H&M jeans. I also have this awesome denim shirt from AllSaints that has a leopard print collar, that is also certainly a favorite of mine. The collar really spoke to me.

That brings me to the issue of double-denim. If I try it, I want to nail the look! I have been apprehensive because I have constantly been uncertain of how to pull it off!

*Below are pictures of some of the items I listed and some of my denims favorites. I am that good of a photographer, so excuse me there please! Thank you!Armani Exchange Distressed Denim Jacket

This is an example of my distressed denim! It is my denim Armani Exchange jacket!Diesel D-Grundy.jpg

This is another one of my favorite pieces! It is the D-Grundy pant from Diesel!

My Thoughts on Trump’s new speech…

I really want to post about fashion and Disney, since I wanted this to be a fashion & lifestyle blog. Anyway, I constantly find myself engaged in activism, vigorously (and rigorously) voicing my opinions on our insipidly ridiculous and unqualified president here in the US, Donald Trump!

I can’t even begin to explain how mean-spirited his speech sounded to me. He tried his best to mask it, but he did not succeed. I could attest to the fact that I may have lost brain cells watching his inane and insanely hypocritical speech. He claims he wants for everyone  to work together against hate, when he is spreading it. Terror is not from Muslim, Latino or Latinas, African-American people, or other minorities or refugees. In fact, the San Bernardino perpetrator was homegrown as well as the two American men who rose hate crimes against Jews lately. Also, our LGBT community, to say the least, is compose of compassionate, talented, remarkable human being who DESERVE LOVE and acceptance.  Donald Trump, you cannot fool anyone.




Islam is not your enemy, despite Trump’s claims.

Contrary to Donald Trump’s claims, I assure you, Islam does not hate America and does value and respect human lives. Trump probably doesn’t though… He needs to be impeached already.

This is a short, short post. However, it is in solidarity that I continue to echo the resounding words that countless people are saying! No Ban, No Wall!

#nobannowall Donald Trump is a heartless, monstrous person who should have never been given power. He is not a qualified president so I refuse to claim him as one!

-Umar Siddiqui.

Fight against Trump’s unfair rule over this country!

Donald Trump really just went through with the Muslim ban! Why Donald Trump? Just to add, I will not call you “President Trump” because it is an oxymoron and you are not my president! How could you be so heartless as to ban Muslims? What’s next, please don’t do the wall. One week in office and look at the damage you have done. Americans, we cannot stay quiet now! I am ashamed Trump was voted for at all. Trump is a disgrace; he is ignorant! Step down now! Most Americans do not approve of you as president. I have no idea how you got here, and I know you bullied and cheated your way into the presidency. You are honestly one of the AWFUL people that should never have been given power. Hillary Clinton could not have been more correct in saying you are not fit to be president!

The Muslim ban is unconstitutional and illegal. I don’t know politics much, but I know I can say that. You have no heart, you truly do not! Your ban on Muslims is so problematic. Agonizing refugees cannot find their place in the world due to your ignorance. The countries you do business with are the ones you have not banned. GROW UP TRUMP YOU ARE NOT A PRESIDENT! You have given no one any valid reason to respect you. You’re not my president! I can go on for hours and hours insulting you, but what’s that going to do?

RISE everyone and denounce this monster’s wrongdoings. Trump is an inconsiderate person and should not feel any validity or have been given a chance to serve this country. He is doing unjust things and not benefitting anyone. Since I am not the only one with strong anti-Trump sentiments that can literally fill pages and pages, I urge my fellow Americans, one and all, to rise against the Trump administration!

Please heed my words. Thank you! We need to build bridges and promote harmony–we cannot build walls and borders.